Data Analytics

Data Analysis of current market prices for everyday items

Web Servics

Providing customers web solutions for everyday tasks.

General Trading

Providing competitive market for everyday general goods and services.


We are providing high quality services localy or internationaly about five years.

Trade Discovery is an indigenous company duly licensed under the laws of Ghana to do a general trade as well as import and export.

The company was registered in 2018 and has since developed an online platform for price comparison in Ghana.

This comparison will become a very good tool for both producers and consumers alike. Consumers would get to see prices from various merchants for the same product. Based on the information generated from the platform, an informed decision can be made.

Producers are able to compete very well by easily identifying major competitors and also know specific products that get the attention of consumers and therefore are able to redirect their production towards it.

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No.10 1st Asoyi Road, East Legon, Accra

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+233 50892 2424

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We are aiming to be an award winning multinaitonal Company. We aim to provide very high quality and standard services worldwide

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